• Brand New Set of Headlights (Left + Right) + Special Euro "5" Pin to US "4"  Pin Wiring Adapters
  • Fitment: 1985-1993 Mercedes Benz W124 E-Class (Will not fit on  1994-1995 Models) nor models with Factory Headlight Wiper Function without  Modification
  • Lens Type: Glass for stronger durability and longevity.
  • Bulb Size: H4 (High/Low), H3 (Fog), W5W (Euro City Light), No Bulbs are included
  • US Versions are not originally equipped with the Euro City Light Feature  and therefore, the wiring adapters included will allow you to obtain this  feature with ease.
  • You are upgrading your stock US/Canadian spec headlight (which has 4 pin  connector) to the Euro Spec Glass Headlights (which has 5 pin connector).  Without the Wiring Harness Adapter that is specially made for this MBZ Euro headlight, the installer has to cut, splice some wires and need to do re-wiring, plus testing + and - in order to find out each pins' functionality. That takes some skill, time and labor. Now, with MBZ Euro Headlight Wiring Harness Adapters INCLUDED, it would be simple plug and play, no cutting/splicing, have your Euro Headlight up in no time! And Euro Style Headlight is not only giving you the nice Glass lens but also once installed allow you to have the nice fog light / parking light feature that most of the US spec headlights do not have.
  • Pin Layout:
    Yellow = Low Beam's Positive
    White = High Beam's Positive
    Red = Fog Light & City Light's Positive 
    & Brown = Negative Ground
    Plug them the way as shown in the above configuration photo.
  • Made by ISO 2001 Certified Company - DEPO. Quality is Guaranteed!