* Brand NEW set (2 pieces, Left & Right) and Never been used

* Chrome Housing Neo Modern Diamond Cut Crystal Housing Headlights, Give you the latest Mercedes Look

* As seen on the 2010+ New Facelift W221 S-Class style LED headlight, very nice design and super bright output WHITE LED strip at the bottom PLUS WHITE LED in the corner section AND AMBER LED for Turn Signal Feature.  Genuine 2010+ Facelift Look with Quad Projector! 

* This is specifically design to fit on 2007-2009 Pre-Facelift model while having 2010+ Facelift Look with LEDs.  So unlike if you are getting factory OEM 2010+ Headlight that is expensive, but also need intense re-wiring, re-coding in order for it to work properly on 2007-2009 models.  This is simply PLUG & PLAY literally.  NO RE-CODING NEEDED!!  NO ERROR AFTER INSTALL!!

* This headlight will require you to transfer your stock D1S Xenon HID Bulbs and Xenon Ballasts to use onto the new headlight directly while rest of the halogen bulbs and LED are included and Built-In.  The AFS (Adaptive Front light System) and Auto-Leveling features are plug and play and included.

* This headlight fits on with factory Xenon Models without Infrared camera night vision headlight.  This does NOT fit on halogen model.

* IF your Infrared (IR) Reader is on your "Windshield," you will retain the Infrared Night Vision Feature.

This is to replace models that have this headlight:

Bi-Xenon w/Adaptive AFS without Night Vision Version

OEM Part #

LEFT:  A2218208361

RIGHT:  A2218208261 

And this is NOT for models with Bi-Xenon w/Adaptive AFS with Night Vision Version

OEM Part #

LEFT:  A2218207161

RIGHT:  A2218207261 

* Made by DEPO, ISO 2001 Certified, Quality is Guaranteed!  1-Year Manufacturer Warranty excludes normal wear and tear.

* Real US-Spec DOT / SAE Approved!  Be aware of sellers selling you Euro-Spec E-Marked version that is NOT legal to used in USA and would create error code!!

* Although DIY is possible.  PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION is RECOMMENDED, NO instruction will be included except the manufacturer's original ones if there is any.

* Please check the PHOTOS and read the DESCRIPTION prior to buy, what you see is what you will get.